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Cherry Blossoms Template from Simply Chic Blog Boutique

Recession Proof Cup Cake Business and Online Selling Tools

I came across the cutest website on the planet in terms of the growing cupcake business. This website provides custom website templates for your cupcake business at an economical fee (beginning at $60 as per the website). You can sell your delicious delectables using these colorful, reputable and believable website rather than through email only (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc).



  1. Easy to manage
  2. Easy to market. The best clients are the people you know
  3. Inexpensive to operate with a minimal investment
  4. Everyone needs a little extra cash

Cupcakes & Websites: They are sensitive to the senses

Cupcakes are generally colorful and pretty so why not transfer that model to your website? In terms of overall design, a consumer website geared towards hospitality and food should have several key elements. It should be:

  1. Appetizing, Colorful and pretty
  2. Clean and straightforward
  3. You can customize content for your customers and specific needs
  4. You can display your items however you see fit
  5. Easy to Navigate with Social Media Integration
  6. You do not have to worry about a web developer in terms of updating content.

sweet celebration Template from Simply Chic Blog BoutiqueSelling via the web: Why should you use a template?

You can easily modify content. It is designed for the novice who spends most of their time making cupcakes and delicious delectables instead of spending countless hours learning how to build a website to sell your products.

We did our Research?

Periodically, we engage in the ancient practice of actually calling people (Imagine That!) We received immediate feedback from a woman named Shelly. She was friendly, very patient and willing to help. This is what you want, especially if you don’t speak their language [so to speak].

Everything is listed on their website. This is what we found regarding pricing:

Pricing for Template from Simply Chic Blog Boutique


Resources: Where can I find this great website and More?


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